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Originally posted on A Traveler's Photo Journal:
Wake-up call was at 5 am.  Even though we are on vacation, that does not mean we can sleep in.  There is no late sleeping if you want to see wildlife, active…

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A Spitting Cobra for a sleeping pal

We have moved again – this time, I hope it lasts longer than our experiences this past year!!  The farm is beautiful, the house so big we get lost in it, the vistas breathtaking.  My soul seeming to find peace, … Continue reading

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Suletta’s Shorts as told by Kobus

I have a husband with the talent of telling a story that makes you visualise it as if you are right there in the moment.  He has made me laugh with his tales of fun events, mischievous behaviour with mates, … Continue reading

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The battle of the “Red tape”

Being fairly newly married, Kobus does not know all my hidden streaks (or talents?) that well yet.  And so he learnt the following about me yesterday:  I am like a bull-dog, once I get a hold of something, I rarely … Continue reading

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For the love of a good man – my new life as farmer’s wife in Heilbron in the good ol’ Free State!!

We left Dar es Salaam almost a month ago – Saturday 27 October 2012, 5 months and 14 days after we first arrived.  Defeated, deflated, sad to some extend that the project did not materialize, but incredibly excited to return … Continue reading

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Parting shots of Dar es Salaam

We took a trip around our favourite spots this past week, and as I am lounging around in a hotel room, waiting for my flight home, I want to share some of the scenery once more.  We drove out to … Continue reading

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The end of our African Dream

My regular readers will know the story, but for the newcomers, just a brief background:  Kobus and I were sourced in South Africa by a large Tanzanian company, with the aim of starting up a dairy farm on Zanzibar.  With … Continue reading

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我们的狗喜欢在Kigamboni在海滩上抓蟹。熟食店他们!不幸的是,成龙是主挖土机,但往往Bonjo得到的战利品! 我有专门的一个博客成龙以前,但我觉得她还是值得一些更多的网络空间!她可能是旧如旧Bonjo,我们美丽的拉布拉多犬,是11岁 – 我说可能,因为如果你对她的阅读我的博客,你会看到我收养了她,兽医估计她的年龄时,我把她的她首先检查了。但她是那么活泼,强壮,已经变成了最令人惊奇的伴侣。既然我们已经转移到Kigamboni,她的领导者,守卫犬的作用,并没有将移动外,没有她给的是一个警告。 我们爱我们所有的狗一样,每个人都有他/她自己的个性,就像孩子,他们每个人都有一个点在我们的心中。 Bonjo,白色的大男孩,是一个多愁善感的心,会说你好的鼻子湿依偎到他的父亲每天早上通过蚊帐。威士忌,黑色的小猎犬,绝对带给我们惊喜,他让我训练他服从其他两个几乎相同的水平。他爱我,完全把我作为他的领导。这是不容易的事,我想他会得到更好的时候,当我们第一次知道对方 – 你看,他仍然是一个小狗,因没有掌握几分不羁白天在家里,和自由追牛,并得到了各种恶作剧。但在我到达男人的生活(男人是Kobus,Sakkie,野猫速递和当然威士忌酒),他了解到,和今天他崇拜我和会来和躺在我的脚,没有旁的,但最重要的是,当我们眼睁睁地看着ŢV。 见成龙的挖掘能力:(注意Bonjo得到一个吃螃蟹的!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IQbnl8i0qs&feature=youtu.be

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Revolutionary Riots in Zanzibar!!

Today I am quoting verbatim from a Zanzibari traveler’s blog about the current riots in Zanzibar.  THESE ARE NOT MY WORDS, IT IS A SAMPLE OF THE CURRENT EMOTIONS PEOPLE ARE EXPERIENCING IN ZANZIBAR, AND NOT TO SAY IT IS … Continue reading

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Join the ferry ride to Kigamboni on a tuk-tuk over Dar es Salaam harbor mouth

Kobus and I have taken to rather attempt the city traffic in a tuk-tuk.  As Murphy’s law would have it, the ferry queue has been almost non-existent every time we have ordered a tuk-tuk, but the Dar es Salaam city … Continue reading

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