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I live on a farm in Africa – no, not like Karen Blixen, nor Kuki Gallman, in Kenya – just me, and all my babies, on a farm in South Africa

I am a city girl – but that’s another story altogether.  If you have followed my blog, you’ll know I am here because I fell in love with a good man. With farm life comes all sorts of adjustments.  We … Continue reading

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A forgalom a Dar es Salaam

Írtam a veszélyt es es Salaam forgalmat. Megpróbáltuk tegnap megint, ezúttal elkapni a komp, de az utazás még mindig elvitt minket körülbelül 7 órán át oda és vissza, csak hogy vásároljon néhány élelmiszer a héten. Tudom, hogy az én olvasók, … Continue reading

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A tour through Dar traffic!!

I have written about the hazards of the Dar es Salaam traffic.  We tried again yesterday, this time taking the ferry, but the trip still took us about 7 hours there and back, just to buy some food for the … Continue reading

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Africa – a stupendously beautiful, glorious, cruel, magnificent, hot, feverish continent

My boys are here from South Africa, and I am occupied!  I do want to share some beautiful, haunting pictures of Africa until I write again.  So here are snippets of Africa:  from Sudan to South Africa, Cape Town to … Continue reading

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