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All the animal kids!

So this was the picture in our house until a week ago, but sadly we lost the Ridgeback cross Labrador, Sokkies, to distemper.  According to the vet, a classical case of a young pup not having its first vaccinations.  We … Continue reading

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Adopt a dog month October – Go on, adopt a dog at the SPCA or your local shelter!

This has not been an easy few weeks.  How does one ever try to understand the mind of another human that can kill an innocent animal, clearly a domestic pet, in cold blood?  We have laid a charge at the … Continue reading

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I have always had a desire to have many many animals – at least 20 dogs, 20 cats, one cow, a goat, some chicken and whatever else I can raise to some level of domesticity.  My retirement dream is to … Continue reading

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Caranguejo cavando

Nossos cães amo caranguejos pegando as praias em Kigamboni. Delicatessen para eles! Infelizmente, Jackie é o escavador mestre, mas muitas vezes fica Bonjo os despojos! Dediquei um blog inteiro para Jackie anteriormente, mas acho que ela ainda garante espaço cibernético … Continue reading

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Crab digging

Our dogs love catching crabs on the beaches in Kigamboni.  Delicatessen for them!  Unfortunately Jackie is the master digger, but too often Bonjo gets the spoils!! I have dedicated a whole blog to Jackie previously, but I think she still … Continue reading

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Paradise with a sting in its tail

Paradise with a sting in its tail! Before I even begin, I must say that I am still challenged in doing a blog, and it is trial and error in compiling the post to look like anything – I hope … Continue reading

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