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I live on a farm in Africa – no, not like Karen Blixen, nor Kuki Gallman, in Kenya – just me, and all my babies, on a farm in South Africa

I am a city girl – but that’s another story altogether.  If you have followed my blog, you’ll know I am here because I fell in love with a good man. With farm life comes all sorts of adjustments.  We … Continue reading

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Bling-bling and ca-ching ca-ching

O dear, and I had the gall to put some photos up of my efforts at making jewelry about 4 blogs ago!!!  What was I thinking?  We have stumbled across a costume jewelry maker of note and the stuff that … Continue reading

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The Circle of Life

My sister and I have been sewing furiously, actually no, I am talking total bull – my sister has been sewing furiously!!!  I have, as per usual sat in front of the P C, looking up loads of interesting websites, … Continue reading

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A Spitting Cobra for a sleeping pal

We have moved again – this time, I hope it lasts longer than our experiences this past year!!  The farm is beautiful, the house so big we get lost in it, the vistas breathtaking.  My soul seeming to find peace, … Continue reading

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Shut the door, change the record, clean the house, shake off the dust – Paulo Coelho

I have never missed a new book by one of my most endearing writers, Paulo Coelho, (The Alchemist being the first tale I read)  and this next 1 MIN reading: closing cycles by Paulo Coelho on December 31, 2010, was … Continue reading

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