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X-factor addicts!!

You know there is not too much going on on the farm, when you, and the kids visiting from Cape Town (nogal!), are all up before sunrise to see the finale of the X-factor! Although I love Alex and Sierra, I … Continue reading

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Music and Dancing – our life-savers over the past year

Whilst living in Tanzania, we were delighted to find that Multichoice DSTV, was very much alive and kicking, and probably more easy to navigate in Dar es Salaam, than some places in South Africa.  We subscribed with little effort, and … Continue reading

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Are we ever satisfied with our lot in life?

I’m not an expert on life, just human, and hope that by sharing this past week’s emotions with you, I touch someone somewhere…… As this blog has a two-fold reason to exist, one being to assist me in filling my … Continue reading

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