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Do animals go to heaven?

We are animal mad, and I have a dream of retiring near the sea, with a river flowing close by, next to a hill, with some majestic mountains in the distance, with at least 20 dogs, 20 cats, a milking … Continue reading

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The oddities of living on a farm

One of my previous posts are called “The Oddities of being a Mzungu in Dar”  – Mzungu being a white person. Well, for a city girl now living on a farm, everyday life is full of oddities – things that … Continue reading

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The Vaal River

Living in the Western Cape most of my life, The Vaal River, or for that matter The Orange River or The Great Zambezi River, were mere lines on a World Atlas, except for the once or twice that I have … Continue reading

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Take a flip through the clouds with me over The Free State to Kwazulu-Natal

I had the privilege to be invited with on a business trip this week, and our mode of transport was a lovely 4 seater aeroplane.  I have been spoilt in my life, having flown various aircraft (or rather been a … Continue reading

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Suicide or the new term – “self-death”

I know I normally write about normal day-to-day things, so this is a bit out of the norm for me, as it should never be seen as a normal day-to-day thing. But yesterday, in the small town where we now … Continue reading

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Bling-bling and ca-ching ca-ching

O dear, and I had the gall to put some photos up of my efforts at making jewelry about 4 blogs ago!!!  What was I thinking?  We have stumbled across a costume jewelry maker of note and the stuff that … Continue reading

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