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Do animals go to heaven?

We are animal mad, and I have a dream of retiring near the sea, with a river flowing close by, next to a hill, with some majestic mountains in the distance, with at least 20 dogs, 20 cats, a milking … Continue reading

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The fairest Cape has a “Spice Route”

Just like Zanzibar, the exotic island off the coast of East Africa, close to Tanzania to be precise, Cape Town was once the stop-off for fresh produce for ships en route to the East, where Europeans sailed to get spices … Continue reading

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Scrabble via Facebook!

In the two years of singledom before meeting my husband, my main form of entertainment after a hard day’s work, was to play scrabble via Facebook.  At one stage I got so addicted that I would have games going against … Continue reading

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One year of wedded bliss – ready for the babies now!

I have always had a desire to have many many animals – at least 20 dogs, 20 cats, one cow, a goat, some chicken and whatever else I can raise to some level of domesticity.  My retirement dream is to … Continue reading

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The end of our African Dream

My regular readers will know the story, but for the newcomers, just a brief background:  Kobus and I were sourced in South Africa by a large Tanzanian company, with the aim of starting up a dairy farm on Zanzibar.  With … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Riots in Zanzibar!!

Today I am quoting verbatim from a Zanzibari traveler’s blog about the current riots in Zanzibar.  THESE ARE NOT MY WORDS, IT IS A SAMPLE OF THE CURRENT EMOTIONS PEOPLE ARE EXPERIENCING IN ZANZIBAR, AND NOT TO SAY IT IS … Continue reading

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Sunset Strolls in Dar harbour with canine kids

We are animal mad, Kobus and I.  We flew our three dogs and one cat up with us to Dar es Salaam (sadly left two black kittie brothers at home, but with a beloved niece who takes super care of … Continue reading

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